Whirlpool is an historical drama about Helen Keller, an avid civil rights activist from the late 1800s who was both deaf and blind. Throughout her life Keller faced prejudice from the public, her family, and even herself. Since finishing the short film in May 2017, Whirlpool has been accepted to over 14 film festivals, awarded a RIFA award through the BAFTA in London, won Best Short at the Austin Indie Fest, Best Actress (Kate Baxter) at the Birmingham Fest, and has qualified for the 2019 Academy Award shortlist for Best Live Action Short Film.

LWLP's founder, Bridget Arsenault, served as an Executive Producer to the film. Below is the film's trailer, along with a video of Whirlpool winning its RIFA award. More information can be found at the film's website.